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Testing Services

Evolution in technology and delivery methodology has had a huge impact on the traditional way of testing. With the invent of evolution in technology, internet-based applications, mobility, customer centricity, increasing complexity in software architecture, and adoption of legacy modernization; development and operations (DevOps) have become a key medium by which organizations are introducing additional features to their customers. It has become increasingly important to automate every aspect for continuous delivery in the DevOps environment. As continuous testing turns out to be one of the most important factors in continuous delivery, achieving continuous validation is a key to success in achieving DevOps and ensuring continuous feedback cycle.  

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have existed ever since application integration has taken life. As architectural paradigms and delivery methodologies evolve, APIs too have transformed to become repackaged, productized services that are easy-to-use. Quality of APIs has become paramount to the success of digital transformation within an enterprise. This has made QA organizations rethink their testing strategies. Testers are being challenged to scale their skills, approaches, and tools to deliver better and faster solutions to realize the business outcomes that APIs promise. We have a comprehensive set of offerings to address these challenges and make this transformation a reality.